Thermographic Survey – Infrared Scan Service

Detect Potential Points of Failure in Your Electrical Power Equipment

Our trained and certified technicians use an infrared camera to produce thermal images of your electrical power equipment to detect common potential points of failure such as loose connections, corrosion, and faulty assemblies. Infrared scans can also check oil levels and cooling fins on any oil-filled transformer.

Types of Facilities that Use Infrared Scans

Infrared scanning is often used in commercial, industrial, utility, and manufacturing facilities as part of a preventive maintenance program to locate potential issues with electrical equipment.

Why Is It Important?

Loose or dirty electrical connections and electrical irregularities can cause power outages. By using this noninvasive technology, we can easily detect hot spots on the electrical equipment that may be a precursor to a larger and more costly issue.

Benefits of infrared scanning:

  • Does not require equipment shutdown
  • Cost-effectively identifies problem areas
  • Decreases insurance premiums (insurance providers may require infrared scans as a risk management tool)
  • Reduces repair and maintenance costs
  • Prevents power equipment failures
  • Improves safety and efficiency of operations
Infrared scan of electrical power system equipment detects overheated components

Benefits of using CBS Field Services to perform your infrared scan:

  • After the scan, you will receive a full report showing all the power equipment tested during the scan along with results and recommendations.
  • We are a full-service electrical testing and maintenance company and can repair identified issues immediately.
  • If CBS Field Services identifies any required repairs and completes them, we will provide a complimentary infrared scan after the repairs are completed.

For more information on a thermographic survey infrared scan, to discuss your requirements, or request an estimate or quotation, contact CBS Field Services.

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Thermographic Survey – Infrared Scan Services

Our infrared survey produces thermal images of your electrical power equipment to detect common potential points of failure that can cause power outages.


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NETA Accreditation Ensures High-Quality

As a NETA Accredited Company since 2011, CBS Field Services has numerous NETA certified technicians on staff.  We underwent a rigorous application process to ensure that we provide electrical testing and maintenance services to the highest standards of safety and reliability,


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