About CBS Field Services

NETA Accredited Company Specializing in Electrical Testing & Maintenance, Commissioning, Arc Flash Studies and Other Power Engineering Services

CBS Field Services is the result of combining the field maintenance and testing services of Western Electrical Services (WES) and the power engineering services of Powertech Services (PTS) to form a full-service company built specifically to address all your electrical power distribution needs.

With offices nationwide, we specialize in the following:

As a NETA-accredited company, CBS Field Services follows the most current ANSI/NETA ATS Standard for Acceptance Testing Specifications for Electrical Power Equipment and Systems as well as the MTS Standard for Maintenance Testing Specifications for Electrical Power Equipment and Systems. These standards incorporate comprehensive field tests and inspections to assess the suitability for initial energization, continued service, condition of maintenance, and reliability of electrical power distribution equipment and systems.

CBS Field Services’ technicians and engineers are NETA certified and provide independent third-party testing and analysis to industrial, commercial, utility, and data processing facilities.

As a member of Group CBS, we have access to the industry’s largest inventory of low- and medium-voltage apparatus and parts, plus comprehensive shop repair, remanufacturing, and life-extension capabilities.

Let us assist you in ensuring the reliability and safety of your facility’s electrical distribution system.

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Do you need help with electrical testing, maintenance, an arc flash study or other power engineering service? Give us a call or send us a note.

After Hours or Emergency Support Available 24/7  888.395.2021

After Hours or Emergency Support Available 24/7 888.395.2021