Acceptance Testing & Functional Commissioning

Ensuring Your New Electrical Equipment & Systems Are Ready for Decades of Safe, Reliable Service

Acceptance testing and functional commissioning is the systematic process to ensure that tested electrical power equipment and systems are operational, within applicable standards and manufacturers’ tolerances, installed according to design specifications, and follow the design intent and owner’s operational requirements when functioning.

As a NETA Accredited Company, CBS Field Services uses the ANSI/NETA 2021 ATS Standard for Acceptance Testing Specifications for Electrical Power Equipment and Systems as a guide to ensure accurate, unbiased testing and reporting to protect the owner’s interest — often by working in conjunction with the equipment manufacturer and/or electrical contractor.

CBS Field Services provides acceptance testing for new electrical power equipment and systems at new and existing facilities. Our field tests and inspections ensure that your electrical apparatus and systems perform satisfactorily, minimizing downtime and maximizing life expectancy and safety.

Acceptance testing and commissioning services are often required on construction projects where the highest degree of reliability is necessary due to the critical nature of the facility. If your electrical construction project requires field quality control, CBS Field Services is available as a resource. See what types of electrical equipment require acceptance testing.

While some may question the cost-benefit of comprehensive acceptance testing, the cost is minimal when compared to that of damaged equipment or production and facility losses if something goes wrong after the equipment is placed in service. Acceptance testing by CBS Field Services ensures that all stakeholders have done their part to deliver a product that will perform safely and reliably for many years to come. This includes the following:

  • The engineering firm that designed the equipment system
  • The manufacturer(s) of the electric equipment components
  • The electrical contractor who installed the equipment

CBS Field Services regularly finds circuit breakers or other electrical equipment that fails to perform properly — and it happens more than you might expect. Common errors include the following:

  • Improper circuit breaker and relay settings
  • Incomplete or unavailable documentation and coordination studies
  • Critical system interconnection wiring issues that result when a variety of suppliers provide components and therefore no single company is responsible for the entire system

Without the acceptance and functional testing services of a NETA-accredited company utilizing experienced and certified technicians, comprehensive verification is left to chance. Taking a chance is no way to start up an electrical system you will depend on for decades to come.

Whether you’re the system owner, an OEM, and electrical contractor, or a general contractor, please contact us to discuss your requirements, request a quotation, or receive additional information.

Testing circuit breakers to ensure proper operation
ANSI/NETA 2021 ATS Standard for Acceptance Testing Specifications for Electrical Power Equipment and Systems
Electrical maintenance and testing of circuit breaker

Benefits of OEMs and CBS Field Services Working Together

A strong partnership between OEMs and a third-party electrical field service test provider means parts of your system are checked more than once, often by different personnel. It offers several other benefits as well:
  • Manufacturers bring in-depth knowledge of today’s increasingly complicated switchgear designs
  • Manufacturers address equipment issues and provide updated drawings as part of their final package
  • Third-party testing organizations frequently test items that are usually not tested by the manufacturer, such as:

  • High-current testing of protective devices and ground-fault systems
  • Components
  • Ground systems
  • Medium – and low-voltage cable systems
  • Current transformers

  • Potential transformers
  • Bus duct

  • Metering systems
Acceptance testing and commissioning of electrical power systems

Optional acceptance testing available from CBS Field Services includes:

  • MAC testing of vacuum interrupters in vacuum circuit breakers
  • Power factor testing of transformers
  • Thermographic surveys

What types of equipment require acceptance testing?

  • Switchgear and switchboard assemblies

  • Transformers: dry type and liquid filled
  • Cables: low- and medium-voltage

  • Circuit breakers: low-, medium-, and high-voltage
  • Protective relays: electromechanical, solid state, and microprocessor
  • Instrument transformers (current and potential transformers)
  • Metering devices
  • Regulating apparatus
  • Grounding systems

  • Rotating machinery
  • Motor control centers
  • Battery systems

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CBS Field Services is a NETA Accredited Company

NETA Accreditation Ensures High-Quality

As a NETA Accredited Company since 2011, CBS Field Services has numerous NETA certified technicians on staff.  We underwent a rigorous application process to ensure that we provide electrical testing and maintenance services to the highest standards of safety and reliability,


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